Open Call for Nominations for Members of the Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030

26th April 2023

Open Call for Nominations for Members of the Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030

The Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030 is today making a call for nominations for the Commission. 

The Commission is a critical intervention in a vital sector that needs investor engagement if mining is to play the role needed of it by society and the global energy transition. Responsible mining can be a positive contributor to development.  However, when mining goes wrong it can also be a force for conflict and can significantly impact people, communities and the environment.   A key question is if the significant growth in demand for transition minerals will leave a positive legacy in the countries from where it is extracted.

The Commission will:

  • Engage all relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensure that stakeholder voices are fully heard and acknowledged.
  • Build a common understanding of what is needed to deliver a socially just and environmentally responsible sector.
  • Identify areas where there is an absence of consensus (on the issue analysis and/or on the solutions needed).

For details on applying to the Commission, please click here.

Nominations are sought from the following stakeholder groups:

We particularly encourage stakeholders from key mining geographies and the global south to apply.

Application Process:

To summit an application please email with a maximum 2 page cover letter and current one-page CV.  In the cover letter please detail the contribution you can make to the work and agenda of the Commission. 


Applications are invited by the 19th May.  The first Commission meeting is expected at the end of June.

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