Call for evidence: landscape study

22nd November 2023

The Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030 is issuing an open call for evidence to support a landscape study, with a deadline for submissions of 20th December 2023.

Download details of the call for evidence here.

The landscape study seeks to understand supply and demand for energy transition minerals, both now and in the future, and will help inform an understanding of key challenges for the mining sector in meeting demand.

The study will seek to identify key trends, opportunities and bottlenecks for growth on a macro, industry wide level, and on a mineral-by-mineral basis.

It will explore:

  • Supply – What does production look like currently, across minerals and geographies, and how could it evolve in the future? How can the supply of key minerals be accelerated? What barriers and challenges exist to increasing supply?
  • Demand – What are current levels of demand across minerals and geographies, and how is the expected to change in future? Which downstream sectors demand most of the minerals and metals?
  • Circular Economy – What circular economy activities are relevant for each mineral or metal produced? What is the role and potential of the circular economy?

Download details of the call for evidence here.

Your submissions will be key to the work of the commission, which is aiming to work with a wide spectrum of stakeholders to achieve its vision of a socially and environmentally responsible mining sector overall by 2030.

Having a better idea of the challenges and opportunities that exist across the industry, as well as those connected to individual minerals, creates a clearer path for change.

Please send any submissions to no later than 20th December 2023.

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