Mission and objectives


The overarching mission is to develop a consensus about the role finance has in realising a vision of a socially and environmentally responsible mining sector overall by 2030 that:
Has a clear social license to operate
Can meet the needs of society in a responsible manner without driving conflict or corruption
Operates in a way that respects planetary boundaries
Positively contributes to social development and the environment, today and tomorrow
The end goal is to deliver a practical implementation plan for investors to see this vision realised by 2030.


Specifically, the Commission will have the following objectives:


To understand how investors value, invest and engage with the mining sector and the role this could play in meeting future demand in line with the vision. This includes a consolidated understanding amongst investors of:

  • Changing mineral demand, including accounting for the contribution of recycling, substitution and efficiency.
  • The impact associated with meeting the demand for minerals and metals.
  • What good practice looks like.


Assess the role of standards to drive best practice in the industry, in particular, to consider efforts by the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) and the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative amongst others to consolidate global best practice standards and disclosures.


Identify the barriers and systemic challenges facing the mining industry to better achieve the delivery of minerals and metals to meet society demands in general and also the low carbon transition in particular.


To consider how mining can contribute to or exacerbate conflict:

  • Identify what is good practice to avoid or minimise conflict.
  • Understand and identify what the role of investors are in responding to conflict.


To identify the requirements of investors to help them assess data in relation to the social and environmental performance of mining companies:

  • Describe the current landscape of data available to investors, including information and data arising from both regulatory requirements and voluntary standards.