The Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030 is a collaborative investor-led initiative seeking to define a vision for a socially and environmentally responsible mining sector overall by 2030, and to develop a consensus about the role of finance in realising this vision.

It recognises the mining industry’s important role in society and the transition to a low carbon economy and aims to ensure the sector leaves a positive legacy by addressing key systemic risks holistically.


The overarching mission is to develop a consensus about the role finance has in realising a vision of a socially and environmentally responsible mining sector overall by 2030 that:
Has a clear social license to operate
Can meet the needs of society in a responsible manner without driving conflict or corruption
Operates in a way that respects planetary boundaries
Positively contributes to social development and the environment, today and tomorrow
The end goal is to deliver a practical implementation plan for investors to see this vision realised by 2030.
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Why mining?

Why Mining?

Mined resources underpin modern society. From electric car batteries, to fertiliser for farming, to renewable energy production, the transition to a net zero global economy requires low-carbon solutions that are mineral-intensive. Mining will determine whether or not the world can achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

There is good practice in many individual companies. However, as a sector it must overcome a range of systemic challenges if it is to meet the needs of society sustainably and responsibly. Mining can be a catalyst for growth, jobs and development. It can also be a contributor to or exacerbate conflict. How investors in the sector understand these issues will be key to developing a vision for the industry that can enable investors to play a constructive role through the way they invest, steward and value the sector.

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